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Nov. 23rd, 2010


guess who we met?!

Kimutaku!!!! He's the guy from smap if no one knows lol, but I thought I would share as it was both random and exciting.

It is a shame that ignoring the awesomeness of Kimutaku, it is not the best photo.


Mar. 24th, 2010



I shall fight with... smiles?


I have written out a revision timetable, I would be more depressed to see the next 9 weeks of my life layed out on paper, but I am feeling too happily organised.

My skin is not reacting so charmingly, it must know I am in the midst of a war and decided to break out too.

Everything is going rather nicely, I had a presentation last week which sadly only showed up my stupidity which always decides to show itself at the wrong moments, *sigh* but most of my coursework has gone well so there is hope.

I hope everyone's okay and looking foward to easter, I'm really looking foward to wearing summer clothes!!

8D <----- I am an elmo face


Mar. 3rd, 2010


(no subject)

I'm in founders library, which is quite old and high-ceilinged and therefore exacty what a library should be, and I just noticed how dark parts of the ceiling are. Thats over a hundred years of recycled breath stuck to the ceiling. YUM.

they had the same problem in the Cistine chapel, its so gross. You can see where its been restored.

Also in St. Marks in Venice theres a black ring on most of the pillars. Thats not part of the architecure, thats hundreds of years of head grease from people leaning on them. I have finished procrastinating.

Holla to the yes.

Its been a while. So.

Haii you gaiizzz.

Just this excited to be here.

So I've been applying for a year in Japan, I was going to post this earlier but I was- no actually still am- terrified of jinxing it.

ok im almost certain i cant make this under the cut thing work, so deal with my 'holla, whats she saying' lol...

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Dec. 1st, 2009


(no subject)

dear essay,

if i had wanted to take philosophy and read about traumatic events, i would have. do not be offended, but i want you to be gone now please. ok?

your concerned writer


accchhhhh it is just so confusing and it is bubblating my head. 'testimony is the clash of violence and culture' and then alot of 'witness' 'witness' 'witnes' inner witness outer witness blah blahhh acchhhh wheres my head at at?

i need to buy a bed sheet so i may frolic the streets as some kind or roman person. whoop.
the cosplay ball looked soo much fun!! i cannot believe i didnt go in order to do this essay and i am still doing it lol. but everyone looked really pretty and it sounds like it was alot of fun ^^

mwah mwah mwah i heart all of your faces like a heart crisps having eaten toast for a week.

love to your respective mothers xxx

Nov. 11th, 2009


(no subject)

despite the fact that i could easily go downstairs and join them if i wanted...

... is it ok that i HATE my housemates for being so friggin loud? mostly because all the music they are playing is in such poor taste, plus the fact that they are SOO UNBELIEVABLY DRUNK that as is normal, they will go the union, only to be kicked out in half an hour. kakkakaakaaa i feel so evil, but really one of them just came into my room- who to be fair doesnt normally drink- i asked her if she had and she denied it but-


rant end. ka ka kaaaa

Oct. 22nd, 2009


Ladybird Attack.

They are back. and in greater numbers. I suppose its my fault really for trying to help the somewhat see-through shield bug get back outside, but i opened the window and they literally FELL all over my nice clean window sill. Not that i take special pride in the state of my window sill. It's white.

I wore utada hikaru tshirt today- this one: but in green clearly, and the bar maid actually recognised it! This has never happened before and somewhat lightened up my literary theory lecture- where we basically learnt that Freud is the shit.  She also seemed like a normal person and my age which made me happy and then there was dum dum dum A DISCUSSION. o.m. gawd...!!

This saturday I will be working on a stall at the MCM Expo for some Italian guy - i know that won't help you recognise it but there we are. So please come and evergreen my day!! I am working with my friend lucy (because the twin has swine viscous clearly and we dont want it jumping onto others) and we are like so cosplaying Nana. Largely because this is easy and I dont have the willpower to make an actual outfit. So yep come and a visit me.

Oh and also poor Child of Empire, they finally debut only to be told that their management has gone broke, so they will get £50 a perfomance and will have to sleep in tents. LITERALLY. hahaaaaa..... no but its sad though.

Mwah mwah mwah me hearties!!

Sep. 25th, 2009


weeeeeek man.

so 'highlight' of the week has to be seeing two boys wielding machetes at 1 in the morning. we think they were slashing car tyres but one of them raised his when he saw us. it was rather too scary for me and as a result i had to spend the rest of the night on the phone to various police officers describing this fantasticness whilst my covorting house mates returned home in various degrees of drunkeness. Its been a bit weird actually as they are all quite close and we havent been out together at all yet. Im sure it will be better next week when term starts. (in my head all of this has been said in an irish accent?)

... anywhooo tonight is 80s theme which means i am going to go epic on the curls- the one time slightly dirty hair will help.

oh and 2pm jaebeom flashmob bwahaha: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CuJUjW0RaHM

Sep. 12th, 2009


OM to the G'sss

I'm very very excited about tomorrow right now, twin face has prepared a lovelilly outfit and i may go slightly hyper over the next couple of hours. As a result of this, I may have spent somewhat more than intended today. But thats ok. Im not really a student until Uni starts again...

Tea, tea tea tea tea tea tea, tea, tea.

Sep. 8th, 2009


Save the Jaebeom!

NOOOOESSSS lj deleted this other than 'ant'. wonderful. anywho to summarise, Jaebeom of 2pm made some childish remarks a couple of years back that korea was 'gay' and he hated koreans. apparently because he was homesick. this came out 3 days ago and antis came straight out and made a petition asking him to commit suicide and today he left korea. so lets save the Jaebeom and bring him back to korea, mostly because i hate people saying whatever just because its the internet. Sign please! or just laugh at how random this is. meeooww to the max.

'Support and Bring Jaebeom Park Back' - http://301.to/8fn

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